Project Description



The boat Steve has chosen to use for the Westabout Solo World Record will be a Volvo Open 70. This class of boat is at the cutting edge of technology, and currently holds the record for the fastest 24 hour run at 596.6 miles; an average speed of 24.4 knots, and a top speed of 39 knots. However, these records were achieved with a full crew of ten professional sailors. Steve will be alone on the boat, and will not have any powered systems to help him.

The boat has a mast height of 31.5 metres and weighs 14 tons – nearly 8 tons of which (the same weight as an entire Open 60!) is the keel, which reaches 4.5 metres below the water, and has a lead “bomb” on the bottom. The boat has a canting keel, which is how it generates its tremendous power and speed.