Deep in darkest Dorset Kim and I are hard at work. With winter’s icy grip loosening it’s hold and Christmas well and truly behind us, the sponsorship drive continues in earnest as companies begin to communicate again after the recent distractions, and also because things are improving for businesses on a financial level. The feedback we have has had from potential sponsors we have approached has been positive – doing a Vendée Globe has certainly made us much more credible – and now it is just down to finding the right company at the right time!

Before the next Vendée Globe in 2012 there are a number of other races that we would like to do, the first of which is the Velux 5-Oceans this October, and then we aim to build a new boat in time for the Transat Jacques Vabre in 2011, giving us time to work up properly before 2012 – we don’t want a repeat of last time, that was all a little too last minute!

This time we have the team waiting in the wings, the budgets sorted out in detail, clear ideas of what we want from the new boat – all we need now is to find the right partner, which surely is only a matter of time.

Anyone who has any suggestions on who we should contact, and better still anyone who can make a personal introduction, should contact us through the website and let us know.